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Digilock electronic locks for Lockers, Cabinets and Furniture

Digilock locks are designed to provide a high security keyless locking solution for lockers, cabinets and furniture using either keypad or RFID user credentials.

Digilock instantly eliminates the problems and expense of lost and replacement keys in an elegant, simple to use solution. Locker users benefit from a choice of Assigned or Shared compartment use and site managers benefit from a solution that requires virtually no administration and minimal disruption, leaving them to be more productive.

The design and strength of the lock hardware, which has been constructed from premium quality components in solid steel housings combined with its bolt through door assembly brings together the ingredients for a high security quality solution. The keypad or RFID reader and lock-case clamps the door in a sandwich fashion using bolt through steel bolts that utilises the full strength of the lock and door material for a secure installation.

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Digilock is available in two operating modes allowing sites to be organised to suit the specific needs of users and site managers.

Assigned Use Operation
Assigned Use operation is designed for dedicated compartment use, for example where compartments are rented to gym members on a monthly or long-term basis. The compartment is programmed with a fixed 4-digit user code or RFID credential by the user and the same credential is used each time to unlock the compartment door. The compartment is locked by simply slamming the door shut (latchbolt) or with the user credential (deadbolt).

Shared Use Operation
Shared Use operation allows free compartment use of any available compartment by any user on a first come first served basis. A user simply finds an available compartment and presents their user credential (User Defined Code or RFID Token) to take possession of the compartment. Once locked with their user credential they can visit their compartment repeatedly to remove or place items in it. Once finished with the compartment, it is ready for use by the next user who simply repeats the same process.

If compartment space is limited and management want to prevent users from hogging the compartments between visits, Digilock can be programmed with an auto-unlock time of between 1 to 99 hours after which the compartment will automatically open.

•Users can freely select open compartments by simply using their user credential on closing the door
•The compartment is opened by the same user credential
•The user credential is cleared for next user or repeat usage after the compartment is opened

Manager Override Key
In the event a user forgets their user credential, the site manager can use a manager override key to unlock the compartment. If a compartment is mistakenly opened by the manager key the original user credential is still retained in the lock so that the correct user can open their compartment on their return. One or more manager keys can be assigned to operate a bank of compartments.

The override key has an integral battery which also provides power to the Digilock if it fails to open due to a lack of power.

Audit Trail
Using the Digilock App, the administrator can generate an audit report of all user transaction of the compartments in case of any reports of alleged theft or unauthorised entry of compartments. The App uses an electronic key to transfer all the transaction records from the lock to a tablet. Once data is transferred to the tablet a report can be printed showing all access details to that specific compartment.

Power Requirements
Digilock Locks are powered by 4 x AA 1.5V batteries providing well in excess of 15,000 openings.

Installation & Operating Instructions
Digilock is simple to install using the three-hole fixing template and requires no wiring or any specialist skills. Full installation templates and operating instructions are supplied with each project and the information can be downloaded from this website.managers.

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