IQ Security Limited

Access Control

Access control is, quite simply, a means of managing the access of people and vehicles, where appropriate, to buildings, car parks, vulnerable or sensitive areas, lifts, vending machines and other electronic equipment.

Entry control has always been an important factor in the fight against crime, but at a time of economic difficulty and widespread international tension, it is even more important to become more security conscious. It is essential that employees and their possessions are protected in the workplace and that a company's efforts in developing new products, materials or processes are not wasted through industrial espionage or impaired by theft and vandalism.

Controlled entry to buildings, blocks of flats and single domestic residences, either with or without video surveillance, can provide a real sense of security and peace of mind.

Correctly designed, installed and operated, a good access control system should provide a balance between security needs and freedom of movement for authorised personnel, enhancing rather than hindering the organisation employing it.

Electronic access control is easy to understand and may consist of remote locking/unlocking devices fitted to doors, gates, barriers, lifts, vending machines or other electronic equipment. They may be operated by means of card, code or token readers.

They can also be remotely operated by proximity readers or vehicle tagging as well as more secure and increasingly popular biometric systems, such as palm, finger or eye recognition readers.

From simple single door stand-alone, to complex 'on-line' computer based systems covering hundreds of doors or access points. From single door intercoms to high rise blocks of flats with multi-door video entryphone or concierge systems. Access control will provide an unobtrusive but highly effective safeguard against theft, vandalism, personal violence and intrusion to businesses, private residences, industrial plants and computer suites, etc.

IQ Security have the experience and expertise to provide a solution to any problem and to design, install and maintain the most appropriate system for any given situation.

For simple access requirements We offer some of the most cost effective solutions on the market today. For more complex requirements advanced software applications can provide multi-door, multi-site solutions, networking premises throughout the country and providing powerful management information on usage, movement and activity.

With careful planning and implementation IQ Security's access control systems can incorporate time and attendance facilities for payroll as well as integration with fire alarms, etc., to unlock doors on escape routes and to provide muster reports to account for all staff in buildings, etc., in the event of emergencies.