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Automated Doors

Automated doors, both fully automatic and low energy are becoming increasingly popular. They make it easy for customers to enter and exit your premises. A welcome change for the elderly, mothers with small children, people weighed down with shopping and also those customers who are not able bodied.

As automatic doors remain open for the minimum time required for people to pass through them heat is conserved in the winter months and the benefits of air conditioning maintained during the summer thus reducing your energy bills.
Changes to the Disability Discrimination Act which came into force in October 2004 state that all barriers which prevent equal access to products and services must be removed. The act encourages everyone to make permanent physical improvements to their premises so that disabled people can gain access and make use of available services unaided. This is applicable to visitors and customers as well as staff, and includes the freedom of movement within the building itself, as well as access to it.

We have a number of door entry solutions which will assist you to comply with the new legislation.

The fact that doors operate automatically, opening and closing at the right time, seems a straightforward matter; but it isn't. This is why you should never take risks with your doors, especially as we have a solution for virtually every application and architectural environment. For the intelligent automation of single leaf doors, through micro-processor controlled drives for bi-parting doors, curved sliding doors, or revolving doors for purpose built application, IQ Security can plan, specify, design and install your automatic door requirements in accordance with the latest safety standards to provide years of low maintenance easy access.