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Visitor Management

Manual systems are not only expensive because of the high cost of the stationery but also outmoded and cumbersome. Details are often hastily scribbled and difficult to decipher making searching for data a time-consuming, laborious process. The electronic system produces neat, easy-to-read passes and makes searching a breeze. Transform your reception, improve efficiency, security and save money.


To make life even easier, Visibadge allows for pre-booking of visitors. As soon as an appointment has been made, it can be logged on the system. Reception or security can pre-print all pre-bookings each morning or print as a visitor arrives. The pre-booking module can also reside on the network, allowing all staff to pre-book their visitors, helping to prevent congestion and delays at reception.

Enhanced Image

Visibadge visitor passes will enhance the image of your organisation. Passes can be pre-printed in your corporate style. Personal information is printed in a neat, legible format, clearly showing the visitor's name and company, the name of the host responsible for them being on site and the expiry date. There is also a barcode for easy logging in and out to record the time the visitor entered and departed the premises.

Ease Congestion

If you have heavy traffic in your reception, congestion can be greatly eased by using our barcode reader. Passes can be printed in advance and when a visitor arrives, simply find the pass, swipe it to log the time of arrival and they can enter. Similarly, on exit, you simply need to gather up the passes and swipe. There is no need to even look at the screen! Fantastic where groups of visitors arrive at the same time.

Pre-printed Passes

Visibadge visitor passes can be pre-printed to fit your corporate style. Print your company logo and details on the front with Health and Safety regulations, house rules, site maps, advertising or other details on the reverse. All in all, the perfect way to enhance your company image. What's more, there is a great cost saving, too! The saving against traditional manual systems can be as high as 50%.

Instant Reports

A great feature of Visibadge is that reports are obtained at the click of the mouse. If you need to know who is on site at any time, who has visited whom, who is expected in, or who is the owner of a particular vehicle, it could not be easier to get a fast answer. No more manually flicking through often illegible books - the information you require is instantly at your disposal. An emergency report button is standard.

Multi Reception Sites

Whether you have several reception entrances or more than one building, VisiBadge can cater with ease. Visitors can be booked or prebooked into the relevant site. If they arrive at the incorrect entrance, the database will tell you where they should be. Reports can also be obtained by site or reception.

Frequent Visitors

VisiBadge keeps a log of all visitors. If a frequent visitor arrives, you can look up their name and company from a pick list to save having to retype their name in to the system each time they visit.

System Configuration

Visibadge software is very user-friendly and easy to configure. It will operate on any standard PC running Windows 3.11 or higher. A simple, Windows compatible inkjet or bubble jet printer with an adjustable paper width feed produces the passes. As an optional extra you can use a barcode swipe reader for facilitating entry and exit of visitors.

VisiBadge Pro Features

  • Fully searchable database
  • Enhanced company image
  • Save up to 50% over traditional systems
  • Clear, legible passes
  • Pre-booking of visitors
  • Pre-printing of passes
  • Networkable
  • Accurate up-to-date log of all visitors on-site
  • Control vehicles on site
  • Identifies visitors, contractors and temps
  • Customisable
  • Evacuation list produced instantly
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Easy to operate - very user friendly
  • Password protection
  • Multiple Site Support

Numerous report formats

  • visitors on site
  • visitor movements
  • pre-bookings
  • departed visitors