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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems have in recent years become widespread and nationally accepted as an effective counter to criminal and anti-social behavior. This can be witnessed by the numerous cameras, in one form or another, now appearing in a variety of situations, including shops, businesses, car parks, town centres and even domestic premises.

CCTV has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the security industry and has been responsible for countless arrests and prosecutions leading to substantial reductions in criminal activity.

As the use of CCTV has become more widespread, new applications have been found such as process monitoring, activity monitoring, health and safety, traffic and crowd control, together with social applications such as the tracking of lost children and providing prompt assistance in emergency situations.

To be effective, the right equipment must be specified for the right application and be professionally installed and maintained. Whilst poor design or installation is not acceptable with any system, the effects with CCTV can be very marked indeed and most people will, at one time or another, have witnessed poor quality video images or scenes in which people or objects are so small as to be of no benefit.

IQ Security have extensive knowledge and expertise in the matter and are able to design, install and maintain the right system for any given situation utilising the very best quality equipment from proven manufacturers.

All systems we supply are fully compliant with BS8418 which is a new code of practice covering the installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems. ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers) has very recently announced that it is to use BS8418 as a requirement for CCTV systems which are used to elicit a first response from the police. Essentially, if you want the police to respond to incidents detected and verified by a CCTV system, it will have to meet the new CCTV standard.

Whether for general or covert observation for businesses, retail areas, car parks, shopping centres, railway stations, storage compounds, industrial plants, town centres or domestic residences, we have the experience to assist with the most appropriate design.

From a single camera, to complex computer controlled installations incorporating detailed graphics and system integration, from single monitors to systems capable of being monitored remotely internationally via advanced transmission methods, we have the experience.